Sunday, February 12, 2006


bleh... i don't know whether to say i've wasted my past few days or whether i have actually done good work. feeling pretty drained after lots of reading. how i will perform is another thing. but i am feeling better and refreshed when i'm not going out so much.

as usual the crunch time. focusing and determination. plus feeling drained. i hope i can remember whatever i have memorized. got to make the effort. ok, pumping myself up again.

the mode of the mind would be to concentrate on being a soldier, an athelete and a farmer. having the soldier's strength and perseverance, the endurance and mental strength of an athlete and the long hard work of a farmer patiently working on his farm step by step, process by process.

having the bible next to me always serves as encouragement. finished the book of proverbs but would have to read it again to digest deeper. would most probably read corinthians or peter or james later.

summer course exam is on the 17th Feb. so i will take some leave of the blog. do pray for me.
more reflections to come.

thank you to friends who have helped me in the past. clearly moulding takes time. and i'm a tough nut to crack.

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