Sunday, February 19, 2006

a coin?

my summer final exam went well. thank you to... eh? i already posted about this. but yes, i'm still very grateful for the help and how it has gone. it is God's blessings and providence.

anyway, i'd like to share with you all an illustration that has helped me so much about faith. its from the 'Case for Faith' by Lee Strobel, in Part 8: I can't doubt because i'm a Christian. between the lines are explained parts from the book. and it did bring thoughts and understanding into my mind.

why God doesn't reveal himself fully to us?
the expert reached into his pocket and withdrew something. holding it in his grasp, he asked, 'do you know what it is?'
Lee guessed, 'a coin'.
'But you do not know what it is.' the expert said. 'that's your opinion. our faith is not our opinion. so now, i tell you that i have a quarter in my hand. do you believe that?'
'sure,' Lee said.
'i'm telling you its true, but you haven't seen it. that's faith. (imagine the bible telling all about God. creation showing that God exists. healing, miracles). now watch me as i destroy your faith.'
the expert then opened his hand and revealed a quarter.
'now its no longer faith. it is knowledge.'

if it is knowledge, then you have no choice but to believe it. like 1+1=2. you HAVE to accept it whether you like it or not.
if God showed Himself to us, it will become knowledge and that destroys freewill. it destroys the gift of choice that God gave us.
it will be like, 'oh, there is a God that exists. that's how it is. we have got to follow whatever He says. let's lead the robotic lives.' it will be a world of robots.

so God shows Himself enough, that we can see He is true and exists. and God doesn't show Himself enough so that He doesn't become 'knowledge' and still gives people a chance to choose. that freewill isn't destroyed.

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