Friday, February 17, 2006


it is very interesting to see that i had this thought during my final exam this morning.

i was sitting down writing (or was it reading time?) that i was asking God to aid me and then thought about did God help me?
and i realised, God did help me.
my father helped me so much in the final exam. he's an accountant and been having the business talk for years and years. and i had to get use to the business language and also the business acumen when reading the case study. my father's experience answers + my info answers from textbook made it great.

God did answer my prayers. He did it through my parents. and then i realised, how God had shown Himself through my father. and how much my father really loved me.
and to the friends who had prayed for me. i don't doubt them but i was pretty amazed at the amount of people who remembered when my SUMMER exam day was.

i was also helped by someone in the course whom i don't know. and she don't know me as well. i saw that she was pretty active in the online discussion board and i took the chance to email her. i was pretty skeptic in receiving a reply. just took the chance. and she replied! gave her house number to call. and then emailed me a day later with an example of her answers for the past years questions. i was really touched okkkk... emailed her a big thank you.

thank you for all the prayers. i know it worked. i know.

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