Tuesday, February 07, 2006

some lectures...

the lectures at Uni SA seems good. 4 days of lectures 9-5pm can really drain you. try to even pay attention for 8 hours. its does bring a difference and i challenged myself to stay focus all the way. was pretty successful but at the end of the day my mind was flat out.

wanted to post but as usual procrastinate again. nowadays, having more ability to focus and taking breaks whenever possible really helps. setting small goals in the day the load lighter.

was looking at my comp and found a list of songs that i haven't listened to since i went back to malaysia for a while. listening to it again refreshes my heart and just brings joy in term of worship.

summer here is good. having a smaller group of people, it is easier to get to know others better and also to fellowship and minister to each other. its times like these that are precious. when everyone comes back, its going to be difficult again. that is the gift of small groups.

siew wai shared her heart and goals for the year 2006 to the OCFers. what will happen for the year? we won't know. that is for us to find out and know God's guidance.

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