Saturday, January 10, 2009

bitterness kept...

while growing up, you would have experienced hurt or disappointment, directly or indirectly, by others around you.

in all anger and hurt within you, you would just say it bluntly, these people are idiots.

you, the smarter and more honourable ones, get hurt, frustrated and bitter about it. and it hurts even more especially if its someone close. how could they have been idiots?
some keep it in their hearts all the time through the years and blame their reactions towards certain things on them.

my question is, why do you, the smarter ones, let idiots remain in your heart, or even bothered by them?

you may have read before the story about the egg, carrot and coffee and the process when all 3 goes through the simmering of hot water in the pot, some people's heart, is like the egg: turned from soft to hard inside, or the carrot: grew from firm body of truths to soft malleable follow-the-herd values, or the coffee: releasing all the wonderful flavours.

i can't remember where i read this but it was a good reminder.
the difference between bitter and better is just one letter. the letter 'i'. if we just stop thinking about 'i', it'll be better.

something to think about...

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