Wednesday, January 28, 2009

airport and sliced hand...

helped my sister pack her bag till 2.30 a.m. on friday night (sat morn). haiyah... why lah never finish packing earlier.. or at least have a trial packing. anyways, its ok. first time packing to go overseas. realised the packing skills are still with me.

her flight is on saturday 24th january. and its at 1040 in the morning. so had to leave at 7 a.m. (so the even more lack of sleep). i gave her my camera to use at nottingham for her 6 months exchange program. she'll be hitting winter straight away. still haven't heard from her yet and yeah... CNY is just me and my maid and my dog. spent time at relatives and friends home.
did i cry? yeah... i won't see my camera for 6 months... haha...

yups, my left palm is sliced... at church. a stone was sticking out at the rock garden. i tripped and fell 3 steps down onto the tarmac. i managed to actually bring out my left foot but the force of falling forward plus downwards 3 steps still brought me on the tarmac. i managed to still turn on my back a bit to break my fall.

but still have casualties. my left palm sliced and my elbow a small puncture and my left knee has the effects of pounded meat. though my pants didn't tear, but it was possibly 75 kg on one knee. i thought it was just a graze (with pants not torn?) but it was quite bad. its like pounded, flattened, soft, flesh.
that's in one fall. falling on grass is way way nicer. i don't even get that badly injured playing football.

the first thing i checked was my fingers cause i was playing piano for church in about half hours time. phew.. no fingers bleeding or sprained or injured. the caretaker brought some iodine for me to put on. and later ronald pointed out that i had the same injury at the same spot as Shearn. aww... come on... even by injury we can't be seperated... Shearn, please don't get injured.

the bleeding was quite substantial. had to bring tissue in to the sanctuary and place it by the keyboards. checking my hand once in a while to wipe away blood so that it doesn't drip on the keys.

the state i'm in?
- realising how important our palms are
- realising how much contact our palms have in our daily lives
- waking up easier the moment i come in contact with water
- left hand swollen a bit due to lack of movement to avoid pain

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