Wednesday, January 19, 2005

an audience of One.

it was a few days ago. been living a 'single' life. just in and out, in and out with the addition of being internet-less except until now. there are days that i have not spoken a word except asking the tutors how to do some maths questions.

and i was wondering, wow, what a life. i'm fine with it. but i was also wondering, there must be some people who are feeling like that. 'lonely' in their world, searching for something to live for. a purpose.

which brought me back to a phrase that i always remember. 'living for an audience of One.' living for God! the phrase is from the book 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. interestingly, Joanne Pang was the one who shared this with me last year (yes, yes, my many dear OCFers can stop laughing now).

a person does good to others, but is backstabbed and hurt in return. so what's the use of continuing to do good? or living a good life but still people judge you? well, who are you living for?

how have you been living? what are you living for? who are you living for?
and chok has the book in his room. that's cool. just stumbled upon it. alright, i can start the journey.

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