Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas gathering 19th Dec...

organizing a gathering at my house wasn't in my head. but when your colleagues asked excitedly about coming to my house again like in dec 2007, you got to say 'yes, there is. i just haven't announced it yet'.

and this time they wanted to chip in as well. so food that was prepared on my side was kept to a minimal. 2 chickens, 1 pumpkin, macaroni and cheese, siew yuk, mixed vegetables and ice cream was prepared on my side. satay, drinks, fruits, ice, paper plates and cutleries were brought by them.

after gift exchange which sprang a lot of surprises and laughter, i brought out Taboo and none of them have seen it before. fortunately, with lots of hunting, i manage to obtained it. thanks to shearn, he helped me find it and yup, its my Christmas present from lots of people sharing in the RM90 present.

it started slow as they weren't familiar with it. but after warming up, laughter starts to overcome the stress of describing the words.

being brought up in an english speaking environment, i would have no problems adapting to games like Taboo. and i overlooked this factor cause most of my colleagues are chinese educated. so when it comes to these vocab-games, its a problem. fortunately, the inability to describe 'well' was not viewed as embaressment but was viewed as laughter and there was support given. phew... well, something new to learn.

eventually after the first round, the 2nd round was played by pairs, where a strong player is paired with a weaker player. by the 3rd round, it was a group of 5 trying to describe the word to the open floor. no time limit. and it was really fun. the 3rd round went on for about 1.5 hours. it was like a drug. the describing group will keep on describing the card(word) and the moment its guessed correctly, its a big Yay! and an injection of adrenaline to move on to the next card. 1.5 hours man... i was wondering when it was going to end.

it was quite amusing too. due to the limited exposure to the english events, situations, words or world, a lot of words were described using local events, terms from our daily work or habits of each other at work. it ended at 12, with sore throats and tired cheeks.

well, i was tired. the accumulation of travelling and events of december was stretching. i didn't really have much expectations in the gathering and just lifted it into God's hands and hoped for the best. reason being, this gathering is a witness to my colleagues as a Christian (i'm the only Christian in the dept). and i was worried.

receiving the many 'thank you' smses from them before i sleep, i smile and thank God that the gathering was something memorable for them to remember in years to come. 'was there any impact?' i asked God. well, i dunno. i'll only know what God did when i see Him in heaven.

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