Thursday, November 13, 2008

SG Retreat....

SG retreat was the week before the wedding. 24-26 oct. it was in melaka, and okayyy... its the 3rd time i'm going there since july. started with SG trip, then muar-melaka trip, and now SG retreat.

SG retreat starts at 4pm on friday. since i was on leave i took the opportunity to go bowling in the morning. i dragged shearn and jon as well. i wanted to go cause i know about the good deal in midvalley where its RM10 for 3 games. from 11-2pm on weekdays only. the trip down was heavy rain and dry, heavy rain and dry. weird.

went down with shearn and jon and we had equipment and stuff to bring along as well. if my car didn't make it, SG retreat would be suffering. 2 guitars, communion stuff, laptop, projector, stationary, tube of mahjong paper, cables, extension plugpoints. when we unpacked at our room, it looked like headquarters.

the speaker was Rev.Dr.Wee from Singapore who was once Rev.Andrew's roommate when they where in seminary. he spoke about the importance of small groups in churches and though it may seem like the answer to the thinning fellowship in big churches, it has its struggles as well. what purpose of a small group? have you lost the focus of your small group?

Community. it revolves about being a community. unity in Christ. unity in love. being united in love to spread the love of God to others around you. that's the few things i got lah.

besides carrying equipment and playing guitar, its one of the rare retreats where shearn, jon and i are not doing anything at all. no planning or whatsoever. just some mini sound-testing and slide-clicking. rest? yeah... some ressssttt.

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