Sunday, November 30, 2008

a BIG day...

what's the BIG day?
well, the BIG day isn't for me but for OCF Convention 2008. its in ADELAIDE. hosted by OCF Adelaide. and that's where i'm from. or was from. *sniff*

haha.. okay.. i'm not going into emo mood... no time for that. 1st December is the Start of OCF Convention, a yearly national camp where OCFers from centers all over australia gathers in the 'host' state. and each state takes turns.

i've only been to one.. unfortunately. but at least i've been to one. i got to see a larger family of God than just the family i had in OCF Adelaide.

my good friend Handy is the chairman or convention head. haha... i smsed him.. but he didn't reply...cis... however Shelley did and she said that Handy isn't stress at all because she is taking the stress for both of them. haha... my weirdo friends.

i'm sure (and i hope) that many of the oldies would be glad to see convention in adelaide. the last time was in 2002. and it would be a full circle now.

i'm sure it would be wonderful. many a times, i find myself just looking into the sky, thinking about them. wondering how they're doing. hoping the best for them. its something like those 'Somewhere Out There' scenes.

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