Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2nd day...

maybe the days seem long cause i'm calculating my days and using my time carefully. today is much better. less restless and fully absorbing. can control the mind much more now.

but my back hurts.
my brain stopped a bit. so now, i'm just taking a short break. am able to have more reflections...

it seems good progress, till i took a look at my results for trials and realize its still a mountain to climb.

regret? there's always the regret of not having worked harder earlier. but its tough to maintain consistency with the inconsistent work schedule and plans, what more classes. and its does not help that the syllabus is so wide. e.g. study 3 topics at week 1. 3 topics at week 2. by week 5, i forget topic 1,2,3. haih...
that's the difficulty of studying while working. and the so called planning that i've done, its like all down the drain. too far left behind. and all the panicking and stress accumulates.

at least now that i'm getting to sit down one shot, i can go through the whole thing. build the whole picture in my head. and understand and retain it one shot. its only 10pm now. continuing on 2 more hours.

highlight of the day? good progress and an email from janice.

8th June

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