Tuesday, October 11, 2005

preparations & hard work...

had a good talk with carter and danny about working hard or being hard working.

i guess it is the essence of everything that we do. hard work is needed if you want to succeed. working hard at the right contents and not working hard in vain.

i have to say i'll be blogging less. and trying to remake my sleeping schedule which is totally messed up. sigh. what in the world am i doing...

my mind's pretty numb at the moment. got to find things to refresh myself. maybe its my tired eyes due to efforts of shifting the sleeping schedule.

plus not being able to accomplish my financial modelling techniques assignment. its such a big pain. i just can't get it right. now i know why no one wants to take finance.

i didn't type anything about God? yeah i didn't. haven't been feeling God's presence lately. or maybe i didn't take or make the time to be quiet. got to rummage for the daily bread. though i'm doing purpose driven life again.

went looking for any of my youth groups blog. didn't remember about home for some long time. it seems quite far away.

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