Monday, October 10, 2005


my thoughts flew back to the time where raymond challenged us to make a contract between yourself and God. and with you putting your signature on it as well.

he handed out contracts that he had prepared for people who wanted to sign. and i thought, ok... i'll write my own contract. well, i haven't. i should do it now so that i'm driven with more purpose and be more serious.

but also a posing question, if you were to prepare a contract between you and God, what are you going to include in it?
raymond's challenge was to put more effort in your spiritual walk, take the initiative to strengthen and nourish your spiritual growth, read God's Word daily and one more i think. these are to start off. but for personal stuff, i guess we can make it more detail for ourselves.
oh, how could i forget? there was also a place for a witness to sign. then only will the it be a valid contract.

was also reminded about how we were told to write letters to ourselves during kairos. very interesting. i got that before when i was 12. can't remember what i've written down at kairos though.

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