Wednesday, June 08, 2005

officially sick...

already officially sick with fever and a bad sore throat plus the running nose that will be coming along.
haven't been able to sleep last night. tried to sleep early but wasn't easy. can't breathe through the nose cause its stuck, so you breathe through your mouth and the sore throat hurts. so its just been drifting in and out of sleep. only woke up at 1pm today. terrible.
and the tar guys are just tar'ring up the road. so we got extra nice smell and noise. at least they're gone now.

aih. just complaining. was contemplating whether to go to uni or not. but if i stay home, i'll just rest and go to sleep. so i think i'll just go on the fine line of study and rest. not to overexert myself, but just to do enough.

i was just thinking, waliauleh... complain a lot and non-stop. if i set my heart and my mind on God's face, i wouldn't feel these 'things' so badly. its a choice. i would try. focus and get some stuff done. maybe some ice cream as a reward? eh no... not ice cream. haha...

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