Thursday, June 23, 2005

lord of the rings...

well, after 2 days of grueling brain concentration for exams, it ended, for a while. stopped to rest. 8 days before the next paper. :)

watched return of the king LOTR. that's my break reward.

when i first watched it, i remember thinking, what in the world is so great about the ring. its JUST a ring. a ring! with no diamonds on it. ok... maybe the invisibility i would want, but its just a ring.
but the more i thought about it, i saw some significance.

the ring is a 'ring of power'. the most powerful thing in middle earth.
and everyone was careful of it. even the wizard Gandalf.
but Elrond mentioned that the halfling(Frodo) shows extraordinary resilience towards the ring. why?
and resilience there was. but not at the very end where Frodo put the ring on.

i was thinking on. what will you do if you have the only most powerful thing in your hand? you can do so many things. what if you have something in your hand, that you can change the world or your future? wouldn't you want it?
then you can say, I will be the best. I have the power. I will rule. I will do all these things. I will lead you. I will show you. I will change the world for the best. I can do this on my own.

in reference to middle earth culture and races, the halfling, didn't have any pride or care in or of the world. the hobbits are simple people living a simple life like in a village or 'kampung' with no intentions of ruling the world or big ambitions for 'self'. things that are important, are friends, fellowship, be contented and more...

that was why there was 'extraordinary' resilience, though it isn't that extraordinary at all, thinking about it again.
there are many more examples, but that's just one of some of my thoughts.

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