Wednesday, June 01, 2005

found it...

came out of the library to make a call to a friend (my ex-classmate in MBS) in wollongong, sydney. his gf is going for extra diagnosis to see whether she has appendicitis. imagine the shock he would be going through and both of their first years overseas. he sms-ed me about it to pray for both of them. i thought he would be worried sick. so i went out the library, called him through the public phone to check up on him. (great way to use up the countless 5 cents). he wasn't as worried as i thought he would be. he was more of regretting he didn't bring his books to study cause he has been waiting for more than 3 hours + being hungry and also asking me what appendicitis was. hee hee... my friend...

and so i tried the computers at the resource center. i can read the flash. the dumb computers at the engineering and maths building must have had lots of firewalls or some security protection.

anyway, i watched the flash and type the words out at the same time. i hope i paragraphed it right. here's the song.

He Will Be
by Richard Berardi

He will be
Your candle in the dark
Your fire in the cold
Your strength
When you are just too weary

He will be
Your everlasting love
When the world fades away
With you eternally
He will be

Let Him in your heart
The power of His love will shelter you
Wherever you go
You will always know that
He will be
With you when you're alone
A friend to share your tears
Someone you can always turn to

He will be
Your silence in the storm
He'll smile away the rain
Everything you''ll ever need
He will be

Put your trust in Him
In everything that He can do
Deep in your soul forever
He will live with you

Jesus Christ
With you eternally
He will be
The same yesterday today and forever.

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