Saturday, June 11, 2005

BS meet...

i had been feeling much better in health. less flu and cough. still a bit feverish and a really really stubborn headache. argh... mind-hurting non-stop and it hurts more when i cough. but its the fastest recovery i have ever seen. thank you, Lord. i will try to get back to my books to put in more effort and concentrate even more. hope the resting didn't slack my heart off.

anyway, it was a gathering of BS leaders and as we see more of OCF in the future with possible growth and expansion. whoa! talking like a president with such words. haha... nah... it was just a look into the future. the hall was pretty full. with much praise and prayer points listed down, we broke into pairs later to pray.

before we adjourned we prayed for richard because most of the people may not see richard befor he leaves. after the prayer, well, as planned, the guys grabbed him and pinned him down. he's really strong. he can take 5 singaporeans. and so we had to take extra precautions and have really lots of malaysians to hold him down. it worked.

his chest and stomach don't look too good. can't tell what's the colour of his skin.
unluckier still, the organiser, jansen, also suffered the same fate.

thank you for the easter camp chef who had cooked for us. 'encounter' chicken + sushi. seriously good. and an apple afterwards also, for good... um... you know...

Lord, bless the 25 people who came for the BS leaders meeting as much preparations for exams are coming along. protect us and keep us in good health and heal those who are sick. protect me from my fears. and bad dreams. sigh...

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