Thursday, January 05, 2006

so i decided...

so, i decided this blog will continue as long as its purpose lasts. it will walk together with my journal.

i would have to admit that i will have to learn to be transparent to my parents. why wasn't it this way earlier is another story.

talking with joel made me realise that there were times that we go through the same things. we both realised that coming from a school that promotes all-roundedness, we now have to put certain things behind and concentrate on a sole goal or purpose. i realised (and heavy heartedly) that i will have to put down music and ministry for now, for finance job. he also has to put down music and ministry for now, for his IT job.

i have to say, that maybe i see a little bit more of 'the picture'. my path is very different from his, and also from my other church friends. why? i don't know. i may have felt the reason. i may have thought i saw it. i may have had correct guesses.
many of the things i went through, i wouldn't have wanted it. but it happened for a reason. after asking why and searching, i didn't get anything. only a bit. :) faith is required to go on and only then will more pieces fall into place.

nevertheless, i still have to keep connected with God because things now, are not forever. it would only be for the moment. a world in adelaide or australia while looking onto malaysia.

P.S. to all those being barbequed in adelaide, remember to turn yourselves so that you get cooked properly. hahaha...

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