Wednesday, January 04, 2006

let's see....

since returning on the december 8th, i went to singapore straight away with my mother to see my father. he just had a gall bladder operation. (before any reactions, that was dec 8th). so now my father is recuperating well and healed a lot. about 80%.

on the 31st went down to KL again and today jan 4th, came back to singapore again. it was an interesting 4 days where everything was crammed up. pretty much to meet up with old friends again. and i was glad to meet up with all of them. i reached my goal and target.

sunday the 1st, i met up with church friends and a lunch at megamall. and in the evening, my parents church friends.
monday the 2nd, met up with OCFers. though it was a last minute planning. at least i get to go out with OCFers at least once. and jia ching was there too,ll the way from sabah. a whole day in sunway pyramid. thank you to chian dong who sent me to the LRT though it was a long and nearly-got-lost way.

tuesday the 3rd, met up with my close MBS friends. kuok han, alicia and joel wong. it was one of the most wonderful times i had. getting to talk with Joel and really in depth. really one of my good and closest friends. met at MBS as classmates and served together in school plus get in trouble together as well. he reminded me about how we talked in school about our future and how God will use our lives and who knows, we may meet and serve togther. from there, we parted our ways. he went to APIIT and i to SAM and adelaide. and now, after 4 years, he's staying to work and serve in malaysia. i will be in adelaide or australia and will be serving there. i really treasure. both of us with different strengths and giftings. partnership. X2 the power to serve God.

we place our hearts and lives in God's hands.

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