Sunday, August 12, 2012

GB drill competition...

a state drill competition where 1st KL won first place and also best commander.
there was a new drill syallabus comprising the standard formation drill (in a box) and also fancy drill (with whatever patterns, cheer, etc.. ). that also caused 2 (out of 5 registered) to pull out because it was tough to accomplish the new syllabus. 

some asked how did the squad do so well?
saturday - 3 - 5.30pm
sunday - 2 - 4.30pm
rain or shine, do that for 3 months with a few breaks... hard work. congratulations!

nervousness, anxiety and stress starts to come as the competition nears. we ask ourselves why do we stand under the hot sun, do drill sequences to commands over and over again and have so much commitment to something that won't help us in the future?

well, that's the perspective. if the question is only referring to the physical aspect and action-for-action comparison, obviously we're wasting our time (and quite stupid). if drill is taught emphasizing on teamwork, leadership, commitment, focus, discipline, perseverance, finding meaning and purpose in the journey and not results, learning as a team, success as a team, failure as a team, then it is worth it. when one makes a mistake, it is not that only that persons fault but it is the whole team. the others are also responsible (or at fault) because it is their part to help each other improve and encourage each other, not play the blame game. even though i listed a lot, there are many more.

the drill commander of another company cried the moment after the squad fall out. and her officers were there already. a cry of disappointment and knowing that the performance of the squad wasn't good enough.
it's unfortunate that it is a competition. but credits to her for still going out there doing her best and performing  her best even if she thought it was hopeless and saw mistakes. credits for still fighting on. credits to her officers who were there straight away to comfort her. nothing to be ashamed of as long as you did your best.

the next state drill is in the next 2 years... till then...

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