Friday, February 10, 2012

of a pastors performance...

had wedding rehearsal in the afternoon. interesting to play Air on G String on the organ. had to adjust the settings for more woodwinds than brass.

for small group, the discussion was about 'Pastor's Performance or God's Word?' it was great to have honest sharing and opinions from each other. the younger ones showed maturity in listening to the sermons and the older ones shared how the content of the Word is important and having some charisma along would aid the delivery. it is not possible to cater to the whole age range of a whole church.

having some insights on my own, i shared some points for them to ponder.
- a guide would be to decide on the type of style based on whether the service is to be seeker friendly, or a deep study to feed the church.
- some would argue Word first, some would say delivery or passion. looking at 2 extremes; Loud but shallow, Boring but intellectual. neither side is good.
- a pastor would have different strengths. a pastor may have the gift of speaking or the gift of shepherding or the gift of administration or the gift of caring. if the main criteria for a pastor is speaking well, it is wrong.
- even if the pastor's strength is not speaking, he would need to put the effort to improve and hone his delivery skills only because of his responsibility as a teacher of the Word.
- are we looking for great public speakers or are we looking for a shepherd who cares for his sheep?

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