Sunday, July 12, 2009

agathians shelter...

reached home at 1a.m. (fri night/sat morn) after picking my mother up. slept about 5 hours and had to wake up to go to Agathians Shelter Home. the boys of mostly primary school age.

the day has gone well despite some hiccups. no injuries and they like the day out. the boys in my car just wished it was a longer day and they could go to the playground.

thank you to everyone in the small group who put in their effort for their preparation on friday and also waking up way early on a saturday. it was really encouraging to see everyone working together.

i have to say i was alright.. but also was very flustered towards the end. i'm not that good with little kids and my tolerance for little kids isn't that high. there were too many of them. but i tried my best lah... apologies to jon and anyone i offended, or 'snapped' a bit...not really a good example... i can still hear the kids voices in my head... 'can i play with the ball?' 'what are we doing now?' 'where to get water?' 'can i go to the playground?' 'what is happening next?'...

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