Wednesday, May 06, 2009

11th - 12th april...

this weekend is the easter weekend. there is prayer vigil which starts on friday night till sunday easter morning. the small group chose a late saturday prayer shift (last year we did 1-3a.m.). i was sick and couldn't make it. but kim sent me the passage they were meditating on and i did it at home.

MYF does the easter cross flower decoration every year. about 8 of us went to the cheras cemetery to pluck jasmine flowers. the last time i heard, they climb the trees or pull down the branches as low as possible while others pick or they carry each other. thank goodness i brought the fruit cutter (the one with a string and a stick and a blade at the top to cut when the string is pulled). cause all the trees were tall and the nice flowers were up there.

it rained heavily. it was kind of demoralizing but after a while i just decided to come out and try and cut. yes, i was sick but i just stick under the umbrella. so it was kind of a little adventure. we collected a lot of flowers. four garbage bags. came back to church and we choose the best ones and stick pins in it and then on the sponge on the wooden cross.

it is something beautiful. white and with pink flowers in the middle.

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