Saturday, April 19, 2008

past half of april...

passing the halfway mark of april, i did realise, oh no.. the blog!

the past few weeks have been pretty routine. and i was noticing the energy levels are really hitting a crucial stage. many times i wonder, is it possible? have i actually gone through this type of schedule before?

starting mondays, i feel much better. of course, that's making sure i rest on the weekends. tuesday and thursday nights i have class which utterly drains me. i have weds to recuperate for thursday's class. and by friday, i'm drained. i do get worried many a times that i'll faint or collapse.
the tuesdays and thursdays, i leave the house by 7.00am and i return home by 11pm.

i am close to falling asleep in office many times which obviously isn't good. but i compensate with the speed of working that i do. so now, i just pretty much finish about 75% my work in the first half of the day. and struggle for the rest of the day. there'll be the good days and days where i have to stand while working to avoid falling asleep.

interestingly, that's not counting any exercise or sports.
so, if i do sports, i'll be.... pretty much knocked out.
after my exam on june 8, i got to get fit again.

the occasional emailing, the once in a while chat, small group, does keep the spirits up amidst the mounting pressure.
alright... going to keep trying...

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