Monday, April 21, 2008


sick. down, and hopefully not yet out. trying to make sure not yet out.
tahan through the first half of the day and manage to finish my work. and took half day M.C. and fortunately i did, cause after i was home, i felt nauseous and dizzy and i just knock out for a few hours before i wake up for dinner.

i didn't expect to be sick. but okayyy... another challenge to deal with while i'm trying to study.
maybe it was exhaustion throughout the weeks.

i was just going through a book again by Billy Graham, titled 'The Journey'. it covers a lot of areas and is full of scripture verses. it was very refreshing cause i'm reminded of thoughts that i had when i was reading it in adelaide. now i'm thinking, hmm... has anything changed for the better? have i lost anything? have i got any areas worse?
ah well... personal times of reflection...

i continue on re-reading 'The Man in the Mirror' by Patrick Morley.

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