Wednesday, March 05, 2008

preparations & KK...

well, after crashing down with honesty, the after effects were good.
i just somehow.... what's the word?.... realised. and just have point blank honesty staring at my face.

there wasn't any euphoric feeling that i can go jumping up and down or have that 6-inches above ground feeling. things suddenly just went slow-mo... step by step... i start to see God in a lot of places.

things in work has been changing. i have my strengths and weaknesses. but i made sure i did my best in all. i tried to make the best of everything, regardless of other's opinions. being judged fairly or not, i put that in God's hands. its hard. but i made sure that i am living for God first, and if i pass God's test and am right before God, i have nothing to fear. faithfulness and obedience, that is seriously some tough stuff.

i'm now transferred to another team but same department. a lot of things can be said but in short, whatever comes, the million dollar question is, how would/should i react to it?

tomorrow (6th march) i'll be going to kota kinabalu. until the 11th. yay! going on a climbing trip with some church friends. going a day earlier so that i can catch up on all my sleep. looking forward to this break. i know its not much of a 'resting' type of break. it'll probably drain me and stretch me to the max.

safety is the number 1 thing. and sleep. i need sleep.

on another side of my brain, i miss the Adelaidean OCFers. i miss you all.

thank you hui chuan, priscilla, joshua, for your words of encouragement. i really place them in importance.

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