Saturday, September 24, 2005

a week!

oh man... the last time i posted was a week ago. sorry.
hmmm, well, didn't have anything to post.

there are things that can't be posted cause it is much better to be written down on a journal.

at the moment going through a leadership retreat. it has been good. the speakers, were good. uncle vincent spoke very directly and it is not often you see such frankness and honesty. he spoke right into my heart, of 2 big issues that i face. sorry i can't post it. i'd rather tell you face to face when the time comes.

the day before, in OCF, raymond spoke yet another direct cut into my heart. of the basic foundation of a disciple of Christ, learning and ever eager to know Him.
of bad habits and thoughts that are needed to be unlearnt.
of good foundations that should be retained.

was getting too tired at the end of the evening today. i have to admit that my mind just pulled out and stopped, then there was the fighting-not-to-sleep, and then nodding off. i remember the first part of Pastor Tim's message, but i was gone at number 3. sigh, another thing that i need to unlearn.

sleeping early today.

and don't forget to get solitude and silence to be together with Him.

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