Wednesday, September 14, 2005


been working on Excel sheets again for the past few hours, doing financial stuff and economic thinking. big words, but its just assignments.

maybe its one of my traits of lacking total focus, but i was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness of how the world is.
of how desperation of establishing ourselves has seeped into our lives.
of how circular thinking and reasoning governs our minds.
of how freedom has been changed to doing anything you want.
of how values are compromised to suit others or the situation.
of how we are taught to think of ourselves.
of how we are using the world as a measure of excellence for our lives.

a little walk around the blog world will tell.
of pride.
of self-righteousness.
of selfish lives.
of 'righteous' comments.
of short-term lives.

we are taught to think. but even with knowledge and realization and truth-right-in-your-face, the choice to ignore and to leave it can still be picked. such is the power of free will.

There is a longing, only ___ can fill
A raging tempest, only ___ can still

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