Tuesday, July 24, 2007

not a pause...

heh heh ... this time it wasn't a pause. it was just a lapse of space. so what happened then?

firstly, roger federer won his fifth wimbledon, making it 11 Grand slams. amazing mental strength. it is pretty interesting in one of the articles i read. during the game, roger was beaten 6-2 by nadal in the 4th set. it looks like the end for federer. the article wrote that during that time, "it looked like federer was on the verge of self-destruction. but he managed to pull himself together and keep the game going; playing safe, one at a time." (one at a time is one of the most basic and fundamental foundational mental patience of the game of tennis)

made me thought, at the top or when reaching the top, most of the times, it is our choices that are heading our direction. not much of the external factors influencing you anymore. you know that with all the external troubles coming on, it boils down to your personal choice to change it.
and on the verge of defeat or crumbling, stick back to the basics where it is strong and KEEP going on. that's life application.

i was working weekends for the 2 months before july 9th. it is really God's blessings that my manager allowed me to take leave from 10th-13th (tues-fri) which is 4 days so that i can spend that last week with my parents. and also a good rest. i did my part and gave all that is needed at work. spent good times with my parents. my father is working in british council, beijing for one and a half years max.

so my parents left last sunday. i'm a free man. i can do anything i want. party every night. that's what everyone is asking me to do. haha... not really. life goes on like normal. and just make sure i keep things and the freedom under control and not go haywire. a lot of admin stuff to do. anything my parents need, i got to get it done. the man of the house loh...what to do..

lots of weddings coming. somehow, chinese love weddings in september and december. been getting the invitations to attend and also have weddings to play the piano or the organ for. have to get into practise again. won't want to spoil the special day, right? hahaha....

i have a church musical in august 25 and 26. about Joseph. its going to be heavy with the practises and all. i'm in the acting crew. first time working with the music director. so wanted to join and help in the music recordings but work did not permit so with its late nights. so, too bad lah for that part. i got to know the other guys better (Joseph has 11 brothers).

and the best part of all, was that i got to talk to someone in church. was my sunday school teacher. and now a father with kids. i got someone to talk to, and i guess he got to know me better. things of the youth, i'd say i got to learn most of it. and for the adult matters now, career, church work, ministry, direction in life, church matters, waliau.... all different man. not the Christian faith, but more to the way things are handled and done.

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