Sunday, March 11, 2007

tired ? Youth Outing?

this week got me stumped and puzzled a bit. i was feeling very tired throughout. you know those advertisments for Yosmeishu or some energy revitalizing drink? my colleagues say i look like the 'before drinking the yomeishu' state.
but i keep saying, just push harder. things like this happens and i must just push through it.

i try to search and find out what could have caused such tiredness. i had enough sleep. i didn't exercise in the week. or maybe its because i didn't exercise that i feel tired. huh?
last sunday, i played badminton so that KOed me some bit. on monday, had GCF Headstart meeting and would have pushed my body more. and the rest of the days was neutral.
so what i think could have happened was a combination of 'moves' that i did that hit my body harder and so had its effects and made recuperation longer.
instead of a 'stretch and rest, stretch and rest' , i did a 'stretch, stretch, rest , and no choice had to rest on. '

so i think if that's the cause, i'll avoid such combinations in the future.
so this week tired me out. but saturday was the Youth Outing. i nearly didn't go but i pushed myself. how many times have i given excuses and so missed out on many exciting things?
it turned out great.
jungle trekking and paintball.

jingle trekking had its dangers. not the leeches lah but more of the slippery slopes. we had the form 1's which have not shoot up yet so their reach of legs are shorter. but it was great that the stronger ones were helping each other. and most gladly of all, no one was seriously injured except a few cuts here and there.

we had an elimination round to the finals for paintball. 8 in a team. my team comprised the um.. older people? hahaha... the older youth leaders. so we had to use our brains against the youths.
there were the 'ruthless' youths which looked scary. i couldn't believe my team won.
so okay, a slight increase in the ego... haha...
i'm glad i got to know the youths much better, now that they also identify me as 'Owen' for my blue striped jersey.

a good week? i'll have to make sure i wrap it up with a good night's sleep to make it a good week.
okayyy... time to go for the 6pm service. i'm playing the organ.

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